Beach Property

General Duties

Responsible for the MPOA's Beach Property to help insure for the MPOA members a clean and safe area for their use and enjoyment. Help insure that the maintenance and improvements of the Beach Property are handled in an appropriate manner including the following actions:

  • Helping to see that the Beach Property is clean of trash and rubbish.
  • Maintaining the natural vegetation and landscaping (including irrigation) of the Beach Property.
  • Provide proper and regular maintenance of facilities: Tiki Huts, boardwalk, benches, grills, fences, gates, parking lot and pathways.
  • Maintenance and proper display of signs detailing the safe and proper use of the Beach Property,
  • Posting of the Tiki Hut Rules of Use (also found in the Guidelines for Living in The Moorings) on the bulletin board at the Tiki Hut. These rules must be adhered to by all members using the Beach Property.

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