Guidelines for Living in The Moorings

Guidelines for Living in The Moorings

The MPOA expects its members will adhere to the following guidelines, which the MPOA Board of Governors has adopted in order to promote a congenial environment and respect for our neighbors in The Moorings, keep The Moorings area beautiful and enhance the quality of life in The Moorings. Consideration and respect for others are essential elements for living in The Moorings. Consider the impact of your activities on our neighbors, and avoid loud noises and other actions that may adversely impact others.

Residential Areas Homes:

  • Keep your landscaping in good trim.
  • Retrieve all trash containers promptly after trash collection.
  • Keep garage doors closed when not in use.
  • Observe all "No Parking" signs.
  • Prevent loud noises that might disturb your neighbors.
  • Allow no garage, yard, estate or antique sales, on-site auctions of real or personal property or similar events.
  • Treat your neighbors with courtesy, consideration and respect.


  • Although property owners are entitled to protect their privacy, hedges, fences and walls should not obstruct a neighbor's light, air, view or traffic sight lines. Keep all hedges, fences and walls tastefully repaired or trimmed.
  • Make all satellite and other antennas unobtrusive and shield them from view.
  • "For Sale", "For Rent" and similar signs should not be larger than one (1) square foot. Political advertising signs and commercial advertising signs or hang-ons are not permitted, unless they relate to activities approved by the MPOA. Do not display more than one permitted sign on a lot or home site at any one time.


Owners must ensure that their renters adhere to the GUIDELINES FOR LIVING IN THE MOORINGS, as well as the rules established by their respective condominium or homeowners associations. Rentals of single family homes for less than two (2) weeks are discouraged.

Vacant Lots:

Keep all landscaping in good trim, and cut your grass regularly. Do not use vacant lots for storage or dumping.


Only household pets may be kept in The Moorings. Owners must leash all ambulatory pets, such as dogs and cats, when they are on public roads or common grounds, and must clean up after their pets.


  • Commence and conclude work between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.
  • Do not play music that can be heard by your neighbors.
  • Mark the exact location of utilities so as not to disrupt service.
  • Do not leave construction material in the roads, gutters or swales.
  • Do not disseminate debris and dust to adjacent properties.
  • Do not park on median islands or lawns. If the MPOA's sprinkler heads, grass or shrubs are damaged, repair costs will be billed to the responsible person, contractor or workman.


  • Do not store trucks, boats, boat trailers, mobile trailers, mobile homes, campers or like vehicles on roads, driveways, yards, parking lots or vacant lots for longer than 48 hours. Only park or store these items in enclosed garages.
  • Keep all garage or trash containers, oil tanks, bottled gas tanks or the like underground or in walled or screened areas, so they are not visible from roads, walkways or marine channels.
  • Do not hang clothing or other articles where they are exposed to view, either from roads, adjoining property or marine channels.

Foot, Bike and Golf Cart Traffic:

  • Walk, run, skate, etc. toward on coming traffic.
  • Bike in single file in the same direction as traffic, close to right side of road.
  • At night, use flashlights or reflectors for extra visibility and safety.
  • Due to safety concerns, the MPOA discourages golf cart usage in The Moorings, other than on The Moorings Yacht & Country Club property. All golf carts and users are subject to Florida Statutes 316.212 that prohibits the operation of golf carts on all public roads, unless such roads have been designated by a municipality for use by golf carts and posted with appropriate signs. No public roads in The Moorings are so designated and posted.

Beach Property:

  • The MPOA owns the 3-acre Beach Property on Reef Road. This facility may ONLY be used by MPOA members in good standing and their guests.
  • The parking is open to such members and their guests between 6 AM and 9 PM. The gates are locked overnight. A current Moorings sticker or guest pass must be displayed on each car entering or using the MPOA Beach Property parking lot. Unauthorized cars may be towed from the lot at the owner's expense.
  • Only MPOA members in good standing and their guests may use the Beach Property and its beach for swimming, sunning, playing, walking or relaxing. The beach does not have a lifeguard and users may only use the Beach Property and its beach at their own risk. Such MPOA members and their guests may use the Beach Property for access to the beach for the operation of kayaks, canoes, windsurfers, surfboards and similar small, non-motorized watercraft, but may operate such watercraft only well outside of areas used by swimmers and in a manner so as to not interfere with permitted fishing. Motorized vehicles may not go on the beach.
  • The Beach Property and parking lot are litter-free zones. Do not bring glass containers of any kind to the beach. When leaving the beach, remove all of your belongings, chairs, umbrellas, trash, cups and paper items from the beach and the Beach Property. Always leave the area cleaner than
    you found it.
  • MPOA members in good standing and their guests may also use the Beach Property for access to the beach for fishing, provided those fishing are well removed from swimmers and sunbathers. Do not fish within a stretch of shoreline from 25 yards north of the MPOA Beach Property to 25 yards south of the MPOA Beach Property. Do not clean fish on the beach. Shark fishing is strictly prohibited.
  • Beach users must clean all tar from feet and shoes before using the steps and dune crossover.
  • The emergency phone at the north Tiki Hut is a direct line to Moorings Security.

Dog Use Rules

Only MPOA members in good standing and their guests may access the beach from the MPOA's Beach Property to walk or exercise their dogs. In consideration of other users of the beach and the Beach Property, that dog walking privilege is subject to the following conditions:

  • Dog owners may access the beach through the Beach Property only prior to 9:30 am and after 4:00 pm.
  • Dogs must be on a leash when led to or from the beach, and dog owners must vigilantly observe, and have control of their dogs, at all times while on the beach or the Beach Property.
  • A dog's owner must pick up, and remove, its droppings, do not bury them on the beach or the Beach Property.
  • Dog owners must not allow their dogs to come close to other users of the beach or the Beach Property.

The Beach Property is a designated and protected habitat for Gopher Tortoises. Do not step out of the marked pathways or throw trash or food into the Gopher Tortoises areas.

Tiki Hut Rules of Use:

MPOA members may reserve and use the Tiki Huts and barbecue grills. All usage must comply with the following rules:

  • To ensure there are no conflicts with other users, MPOA members must reserve the Tiki Huts by calling 504-220-9668 in accordance with instructions on the Home page.
    Users under the age of 18 must be supervised by one or more adult MPOA members.
  • Users shall do nothing to interfere with other MPOA members and their guests having access to the Beach Property and the beach.
  • Fires, other than in the barbecue grills, are strictly prohibited, and no fuel other than charcoal may be burned in the barbecue grills.
  • Users shall not attach (by nails, tacks, screws, staples, etc.) anything to or alter any beach structure.
  • Users shall not use any loud music, tents, portable toilets or cooking facilities, other than the barbecue grills, at the Beach Property or the beach.
  • When finished, users shall thoroughly clean all portions of the Beach Property and the beach used by them, extinguish all grill fires, dispose of their trash, repair all damage created by their use and leave the Beach Property and the beach in as good condition as before their use.
  • Users must end their use of the Beach Property and the beach prior to the closing of the parking lot at 9:00 PM.
  • No gathering greater than 40 people is allowed without MPOA board approval.
  • Users shall be financially responsible for all of their actions and those of their guests related to their use of the Beach Property and the beach.

Marine Interest and Channels:

Boats and other watercraft (including all types of powered Personal Watercraft)

  • To minimize damage to manatees, marine vegetation, seawalls and docks, watercraft users must observe a 5 - m.p.h. speed limit (idle speed) in all of The Moorings' waterways. Waterskiing, tube riding and like activities are not permitted. The Indian River County Sheriff enforces these regulations. MPOA members who observe violations should call 569-6700 (Indian River County Sheriff's Office) or hail "Indian River County Marine Patrol" on VHF Channel 16.
  • At night or in low visibility, all watercraft must display prescribed running lights. If a watercraft is anchored, it must display an approved, illuminated anchor light, or properly display an approved daylight ball, as appropriate. Anchoring is not permitted in channels. Watercraft may anchor or moor in coves, if they do not impede the passage of other watercraft (50% of a cove's width at its narrowest point must remain unobstructed, pilings and docks included).
  • Boaters may not operate generators between dusk and dawn. During daylight, boaters may operate generators, if the generators do not create inappropriate noise. Boats (including inflatable boats) at docks or slips may not be covered with materials, other than factory-manufactured covers.
  • All boats operating, docked or anchored in The Moorings' waterways must display state or federal registration decals, as legally required. Moorings Security will report failures to display such decals to the Indian River County Sheriff's Office.


Fishing from The Moorings' seawalls and docks is limited to The Moorings' residents and their guests. A Florida fishing license is required, to the extent set forth in regulations available at the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission's website. MPOA members in good standing and their guests may also use the Beach Property for access to the beach for fishing, provided those fishing are well removed from swimmers and sunbathers. Do not fish within a stretch of shoreline from 25 yards north of the MPOA Beach Property to 25 yards south of the MPOA Beach Property. Do not clean fish on the beach. Shark fishing is strictly prohibited.

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