Preserving the Lagoon involves all of us.

We all need to help stop unnecessary runoff from fertilizers, grass clippings and other pollutants.

You may want to follow these tips from The Pointes Landscaping Team's new landscaping work.

Lagoon-Friendly Landscaping Pointers for Waterfront Property Owners & HOAs:

1. Consult with a certified Landscape Architect for an evaluation and non-polluting plan proposal. Your plan may be simple and inexpensive - depending upon your property.

2. Plan to be on hand and available from planning through installation.

3. Use an experienced Landscaper (not a mowing business); this is NOT a do-it-yourself project. It must be done carefully and correctly.

4. Remove turf bordering you seawall and/or turf that may spill into the Lagoon from a sloping lawn.

5. Create a landscape barrier border along your seawall and any other waterfront property.

6. Replace turf where appropriate with drought-tolerant, salt tolerant, wind resistant plants that are Florida friendly planting. "The right plants in the right place".

7. Use a near-native palette consisting of a mix of grasses, ground covers and low shrubs. Incorporate native wildflowers to add color and seasonal variety, all of which require little or no maintenance or harmful fertilizer.

8. Use a natural crushed shell mulch that won't wash into the Lagoon at the water's edge.

9. Use natural Environmental Mulch in adjoining beds elsewhere on your property. It is made from natural forest products, and contains no reprocessed wood. Being all organic, this mulch requires less watering, less weeding and protects plants from extreme temperatures.

10. Follow our local Fertilizer Ordinance: No application from June 1st - September 31st. Fertilizers may not be applied within ten (10) feet of sea walls, the Lagoon, ponds, lakes or canals. Fertilizer cannot contain any Phosphorous, and must be 50% slow release.

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