MPOA Security Services

Roles and Responsibilities

Provide safety and security services 24/7 to MPOA members to help protect their property and to promote observance of Indian River County laws, ordinances and regulations, as well as MPOA rules, regulations and The Guidelines for Living in The Moorings as promulgated by the MPOA's Board of Governors. The security guard house can be reached at any time by phone: 772-231-1612.

Conduct frequent vehicular patrols (eight to twelve per day) on a deliberately irregular basis to observe and inspect all areas within The Moorings community. These patrols are augmented by foot patrols, as appropriate. Immediately report and/or correct situations requiring prompt action. All security patrols shall be fully documented showing mileage, time, zones covered and incidents.

Write reports of all "incidents", forwarding reports of each incident by e-mail to the Security Committee Chair and, as appropriate, to the MPOA President, the incident report will be augmented by supplementary comment regarding specific areas of types of incidents that MPOA Board members and residents should be particularly be aware of. In addition, the monthly Sheriff's report will be carefully reviewed by the Chief and Deputy Chief of Security to determine if there are any gaps in reporting or coverage.

Summon the Indian River County Sheriff whenever situation warrants, including when violators cease and desist. Summon Indian River County Fire/Rescue and/or EMT when requested and/or whenever emergency warrants. When in doubt, the Sheriff should be summoned.

Conduct frequent vehicular and foot patrols, especially after dark, of the MPOA's Beach Property to deter vandalism and other misconduct. Report beach fires, loose dogs, property damage, beached marine mammals, dead or diseased wildlife, illegal landings, unauthorized parking, etc to appropriate authorities. The Beach Property's gate will normally be locked at 9:00 pm and opened at approximately 6:30 am.

Be alert to and report violations of Indian River County laws, rules, ordinances and regulations and MPOA rules, regulations and guidelines, including but not limited to, after-hours work by contractors, late or noisy parties or similar misbehavior, especially underage drinking, reckless and/or destructive operation of powered vehicles, parking violations, etc.

Patrol the property of The Moorings Yacht & Country Club to observe and report any situations likely to cause safety or security issues and/or property damage. Patrols are designed to deter unauthorized entry and/or vandalism. The Club's General Manager will work closely with Security to establish the proper level and frequency of surveillance of Club property and facilities.

Generally seek to protect the quality of residential life and sense of well-being of residents within The Moorings community, providing peace of mind to residents that they live in a safe and secure community. Be easily visible, to maximum practical extent, to all residents and others within the confines of the community. To the degree practicable, Security Officers should seek to interact with residents in a friendly and cordial manner, consistent with their professional responsibilities. As appropriate, community residents should seek to personally establish friendly working relations and communications with the Chief, Deputy Chief and individual Security Officers.

Provide services, similar to those described above, as appropriate throughout the Floralton Beach Property Owners Association area, the Harbor Side Yacht Club and the Spyglass Dock Owners Association property.

It is understood that the Security Officers are not law enforcement officers and cannot carry weapons or make arrests.

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